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WearFit 2.0 App .APK Download Android and iOS

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Looking for the .APK file of the WearFit 2.0? The app is a popular wearable application available in Android and iOS platform.

The WearFit 2.0 has over a million downloads as of this writing and compatible with the latest Android and iOS operating system. It is a good, secure app, no worries connecting it to your smartwatch or smartband.

Category: Health and Fitness Size: 49 MB

Current Version 1.7.4

What are the app permission for the WearFit 2.0?

The WearFit 2.0 upon installation of the app, it request you for some app permissions. The app request to access the camera on your device, location (this includes GPS settings), contacts, call logs, phone directory, sms messages (received only) and storage with option to modify and delete comments.

There are still other app permissions, please check on its app details for more information.

What are the Features of WearFit 2.0?

It support a variety of popular smartwatches and smartband. And provide more details such as stats on health sensors like heart rate, blood pressure, real time notifications, like incoming calls, messages and more.

Popular Smartwatches Supported by WearFit 2.0

Colmi Sky 1, S20 smartwatch, GT10S smartwatch, Bakeey wearables, No.1 DT78 and other No.1 smartwatches, Microwear T2 smartwatch and more

What are the issues with WearFit encounter in synchronizing with smartphone? In iOS and Android?


Here are some of the frequent errors with the support application

  • Errors with synchronization, it hangs and disconnect randomly
  • Does not appear in the device list
  • Too much app permisssions
  • It suddenly stop working after an update
  • WearFit is slow and unstable

How Do I Connect my WearFit app from Phone to Smartwatch

To connect your smartwatch or smartband to WearFit 2.0 app, you need first to download the app from Android and iOS platform. See link below.

Step 1. Download and Launch WearFit application

1. To download the app (Android) you have the option to scan the QR code available in the support app or search if directly on Google Play Store. Just Search WearFit 2.0, tap install. If Google Play is not available in your phone, see some of the .APK Link file of WearFit 2.0 below.

2. To download the app in iOS platform, go to app store, search WearFit 2.0 and click/tap Get.

Step 2. Open Bluetooth Settings

Go to the Bluetooth Settings of your phone and activate Bluetooth.

# You Have the option to pair your smartwatch or smartband directly by manually pairing it in the Bluetooth settings (depends on the settings of your phone)

Step 3. Set, App Permissions

Again, the application will request you to let the app access some of the options in your smartphone such as the camera in your phone, media files, location and more. You have the option to deny some or allow all. Please take note, choosing to deny all the options will disable some important features in the app.

Step 4. Connecting/Synchronizing to the App

After setting the permission, its now time to bind your smartwatch to the support app. Make it sure that you already finish with the (Step 2).

Click on the + Sign on the bottom UI of the app, there are two options on the screen, select Finding Bracelet, the app will automatically search fro your device. Just follow the instructions until you successfully connect/bind your new smartwatch to the app.

Step 5. Set Settings and Profile

With the successful binding of the smartwatch to the support app. You can now set-up your profile properly. Set-up your Avatar, name, age, units on your distance, weight, height as well as set the sleep time settings.

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You can set third party access on Google Play, WeChat or reset your cellphone data. Set WearFit from 24 hour to 12 hour system.

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Please take note that if you encounter issues with the WearFit 2.0 version, try to download the lower version of the app “WearFit app”.

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