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Music is the need of every person to calm the soul and soothe the mind. Also, it is an excellent source of entertainment. There are many sources where you can find music and easily download them. However, all the official sources of music like YouTube music, Spotify, Wynk Music, iTunes, and others require a subscription after the free trial. This limits the navigation of music lovers. You can enjoy a variety of songs in different languages and genres without paying a single penny using the torrent sites. Such websites allow the user to stream and download music without any limitation. Unbox a huge library of all your favorite songs using the top sites given below. Read the article thoroughly to develop a clear idea about the torrent sites idea for music.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular platforms where you can find all your favorite music for free. It has a simple and straightforward interface that enables the user to get access to the world’s largest index of songs and music files. It allows the user to search for the songs and albums and get it downloaded quickly to the device. It has a mobile-friendly interface as well. You can also stream movies and TV shows on this site. Overall it is a full package of entertainment which you can stream without any cost. It is a cool site that gets updated regularly and consists of all the latest and top-rated songs and movies.

Music torrents free download - TubeMate, MP3 Juice - Free MP3 Downloader, TubeMate 3, and many more programs. KickassTorrents - Kickass - Download torrent from Kickass Torrents, moved to the new domain name LimeTorrents is a General Torrents Download indexer with Mostly Verified Torrents like Movies, Games, Music, TV Shows, Anime and More Bittorrent Downloading is free at


2. Dirty Torrents

Dirty Torrents is another free website that you can explore to search for your songs in any language. It renders a list of sites where you can easily get songs to download. It powers its indexing using the latest and popular torrent downloads and gives the best quality links to the user. The site is well customized and has options for all types of music lovers. There is no requirement of any signup or registration to access its content. It is an excellent source of entertainment with unlimited music links. It is a safe website used by thousands of people for streaming songs popular in all over the world.

3. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk was started in the year 2011 for the sake of entertainment. Here, you can stream and download all your cherished music and songs videos without paying a single penny. This torrenting file is not only featured with songs but also a great source of movies, TV shows, and other videos. It has a clear and simple interface that can be readily navigated. It is both compatible with PCs and mobile devices. Search any song which is on your mind and get it found easily on TorrentFunk. It is a wonderful site delivering entertainment and fun to its visitors. It has a large library of songs ranging from classics to modern. You need not download any external application or software to play the songs or download it.

4. 1337x

1337x is another popular torrent site known for its accessibility to unlimited torrent files which includes music, movies, TV shows, applications, games, software, eBooks and many others. It gives a direct link to download the songs in a single click. You can enjoy high-quality music and save it to your device in the compatible file format using this site. Moreover, you will feel the interface of the website completely legitimate. It is an ideal site to discover all types of music files and songs in various languages. It is one of the top search engines for torrent files. You can easily get all types of entertainment well organized at one place on 1337x.


5. ExtraTorrent

If you want a website that is compatible with all the devices, then ExtraTorrent is perfect for you. With huge compatibility to various electronic resources, ExtraTorrent offers files like movies, music, software, programs, video games, e-books, etc., along with the download links. It is a big torrent site with a diversity of files which can be accessed from all parts of the world. You may find some ads in between the files; however, it will not much affect your browsing experience. It has a simple interface with informative tabs and a conventional layout. You can easily locate your desired music file and save it for offline usage.

6. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents or KAT is widely used for several years and has a good reputation for delivering high-quality music files and other torrents. It is a powerful torrent search engine which indexes the top-rated torrents along with the download links. Apart from music, you can stream movies, web series, TV shows, software, and much more for free. It is a trustworthy site rendering a legit environment to users. Users require uTorrent to download files from this site. There are many options given to the user with variable video and audio quality.

7. LimeTorrents

You can’t miss the name of this versatile torrent site while talking about torrents for entertainment. You can enjoy streaming and downloading unlimited music and movies on this site for free. This verified BitTorrent website has a simple and user-friendly interface that can be accessed from any part of the world. LimeTorrents has appeared as the best alternative to the popular torrent sites like The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. You will love to stream TV shows, games, e-books and other files as well on this site. It is a straightforward website with organized tabs and quick navigation settings. Explore all the national and international collection of songs without any hassle on this site. The best part of this site is that it keeps the user’s identity safe by offering its content without any registration or signup.

8. isoHunt

isoHunt is a popular torrent site for downloading a variety of games. But, you can also use this site for obtaining songs and other media. With a large index of TV shows, movies, software, apps and so on, isoHunt is widely browsed by torrent lovers. You will find this website very friendly and conversational, enabling the user to download the files easily. You can get access to all the latest songs and music as its developers regularly update the site. You can find all types of torrents on this site in a high-quality file and compatible file format.

9. Monova

Monova is another free site that offers different types of music audio and video files. If you are incapable of browsing popular torrent files, then it can be the ideal alternative for getting plenty of games, TV shows, movies, music, and others. It is widely used by millions of people from all over the world, owing to the ease of downloading and streaming. It has a very sleek design and offers a direct tab for searching the favorite torrent files. The site comes for free with a good amount of torrent files with download links.

10. Zooqle

Previously known as Bitsnoop, Zooqle is very simple and easy to use the website. It is servicing users since 2008 and has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality and safe files. It is a torrent indexing website which gives a list of verified and legit torrents. You can easily search your music file on this site and download it with a single click. You can discover many other types of music and create a great combinational playlist. It has a hassle-free and user-friendly interface. You will enjoy exploring this site for all your needs for entertainment videos, audios, and other files.

11. 101 Torrent

101 Torrent is a great source of entertainment offering a variety of torrent files which consists of music, movies, TV shows, games, books, anime, comics, applications, software, etc. If you want the best quality of music to be downloaded with various file format options, then you must go for 101 Torrent. The website is speedy and well-updated. You can discover all the latest music files after 3-4 hours of release on this site. You may find its interface quite clutter because of popups and intrusive ads. It is a good torrent site for downloading recent music files in good quality taking very little time.

12. 01 Torrent

You can put out all your emotions by downloading songs from 01 Torrent. There is no song which you can’t find on this website. The best part of this site is that it has a clean and user-friendly interface with no annoying ads and pop-ups. Its hassle-free interface makes it a prior choice of torrent users. You can enjoy music on this site without any registration. It is an open source of music with a wide variety of songs along with download links. It is a well-updated site for music and other files.

13. Torrent Downloads

If you are bored with the traditional method of obtaining files from torrent sites, then try out something new with this BitTorrent download source. Torrent Downloads is a website featured with all types of music, movies, and other files and has a good collection of downloaded, seeded and leeched torrents. It has a user-friendly and informative interface. You will get a small description of the file which you are going to download. It is specialized in the advanced search tab and gives excellent customer and technical support. You can easily decide which file you should download keeping all the measuring factors in mind.

14. Bitport

It is a revolutionary website that you can use to stream music files. It enables thee, user, to save the files directly to the cloud platform and play it without any external media player. However, you need to register to the site for enjoying streaming music and other files. You can also download the files securely from this site. But, saving the files to the cloud is more preferred. It is easy to use and has a clean interface. It renders links to movies, TV shows and other entertainment files apart from music. It is an amazing compatible with both laptop and smartphones.

15. TorrentProject

Last but not least, TorrentProject is a wonderful platform with a library of more than 10 million torrent files. There is no limitation or restriction of downloading files from this site. You need not get any third part downloader or media player for using this site. It is very easy to use with an intuitive interface. It is one of the remarkable sites which you can access easily to get recent and latest torrent files. It offers a good quality of audio and video and is available everywhere at any location. You can enjoy streaming torrents for free using using this open-source website without signing up.

Torrent sites have made streaming of file every easy and handy. Get access to all your loved music and international collection of exotic tunes without any charge by going for the sites mentioned above. These sites will give you an amazing experience of browsing music and direct access to the download links without any redirected page or installation options. Enjoy easy searching and access well-compiled music files using the listed torrent sites. For any queries, write to us through the comments.


According to a study by experts, the music trends of 2018 involves hip-hop, live concerts, and music streaming. You can mark up this fact with the popularity of Drake, the most popular musician of 2017 in the United States for his great combinational music in hip-hop. You can see the immense growth of music culture and in the last few years. From the pages of Rolling Stone, it has been seen that the music industry crossed the line of $7.7 billion in 2016, which is the highest gross in the industry since 2009. Such stats are not only because of the uplift net in music quality and people’ interest but also because of subscription-based streaming sites, live concerts, social media channels, YouTube, music production tools and other distribution sources.

The craze of music has become the major reason for the demand for music torrent sites as well. In the past year, Spotify was recognized as one of the remarkable sources of music and witnessed an aerial upliftment. It gave a big challenge to Sound Cloud, which was under the top trend in the industry.

Streaming of music online has also diminished the value of compact discs and physical albums. The physical appearance of music is fading day by days with its online availability. However, the revenue obtained in the music industry from all around the world is projected to become $57 billion by the year 2021 as per the analysis of statistical data.

Many people are searching for a solution that would let them download music and video playlists from Youtube. Gihosoft TubeGet can solve your problem.

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Music Torrent site is always a hot topic among the users, and it has become more and more popular nowsdays. But people may find out that they are not able to download music as easy as they want, as the music files protected with copyright. Don't worry, this post will introduce the top music download torrent sites, which will help users to download the music you need.

Following are the top 10 music torrent sites that could be used for searching the latest artists, albums and so on. Check it out if you are interested.

The Pirate Bay

It is one of the largest torrent communities working online. It has millions of tracks in multiple languages so that people from different countries can find the music they need with no efforts. Although many copyright organizations are against this site and want to take it down, The Pirate Bay is still working.


  • It is the only site that also provides cracks to various software programs.
  • The interface is easy to understand and run


  • The response time of the website is too long
Pirate bay

Price: Free of charge


Kick Ass Torrents


You may have used this site for long, as the Kick Ass Torrents has a very good reputation. This site provides millions of music torrents, and it attracts the music lovers to download music with the torrents they have found in this site.


  • It is the most reputed website of this list
  • The overall website hosts a very large number of torrents.


  • Due to heck of traffic it doesn't respond in certain situations

Price: Free of charge



This site enables users to get the music torrents they need, and they can download the music files with the torrents easily. It doesn't only provide music torrents, but also provides links to other music downloading sites, which will be very helpful for the users.


  • The music torrents in this site are unique.
  • The site provides very powerful functions.


  • The website is a bit difficult for the novice users.

Price: Free of charge


Extra Torrent

This site enables users to get the music torrents they need, and it also helps users to find the music torrents with simple clicks. With the help of the powerful functions of this site, people will have very good using experience when downloading music torrents.


  • The website is easy to navigate
  • The outlook of the website is the best of all times.


  • The site map is not there to guide the users

Price: Free of charge


YIFY Torrents

One of the best music torrent sites all over the world. The site enables users to find and download music torrents with one click, and it helps users to get the download task done without any effort.


  • The non hosting of the torrents makes the response time less
  • The functionality of the website is the best for novice users.


  • The functionality of the website is the best for novice users.

Music Torrents Downloads 2019

Price: Free of charge



It is a site that has been developed with the sole purpose to make sure that visitors get the information about music torrents. This site holds a large number of music torrents which can't be found anywhere else, and it is therefore very popular among the music lovers.


  • The website has been made to get the best to the users
  • Any torrent can be found easily on this website.


  • The user sometimes gets the gateway error due t load on the site.

Price: Free of charge



It is one of the most unique sites that make sure that the users easily navigate through the collection of music torrents that is maintained in this site. It is also one of the sites that have been regarded as the best when it comes to user choice which also show the popularity.


  • The search feature of the site is the best of all times.
  • The user can get the torrent through the keywords


  • For novice users this site is hard to operate and requires time to master.

Price: Free of charge


Bit Snoop

It is one of the sites that enables users to find the music torrents they need without any effort. This music torrent site is a world-wide popular site, and it helps users to finish the music download task easily.


  • Easy accessibility
  • Large number of files i.e. torrents


  • Slow and low response time

Price: Free of charge


ISO Hunt

It is one of the oldest music torrent sites in this list. When the users take advantage of this site to search for the music torrents they need, they can easily find what they need.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Awesome torrents ready to be downloaded


  • Too many users make the site slow sometimes

Price: Free of charge


Lime Torrents

The site is a great place for the users to find music torrents, and it helps users to finish the task within seconds. The users can also get an online tutorial when they prepare to use this site, so that the users can download the music torrents they need without any effort.


  • Easy navigation
  • Unique torrent files


  • The site is too technical for novice users

Price: It is free of charge


Part 2. Download Music Directly without Music Torrents

iMusic - All-in-One Music Downloader and Management Tool

  • Download music from more than 300 music sites by copying and pasting the URL.
  • Record unlimited music from any website for playback in your computer with just one click.
  • Built-in music library let you browse and preview the lattest and hottest music.
  • Automatically save downloaded/recorded music to library for management and easy transfer.
  • Identify and tag music with artist, title, album, genre, and more with the latest technology.
  • 1 click to transfer downloaded music and playlist to USB drive to enjoy in car.
  • Ability to burn downloaded songs and playlists to CDs easily.

Download Music Torrents - Kickasstorrents

How to Download Music with iMusic

Step 1. After the installation of iMusic, start it on your computer.

Download Music Torrents Site

Step 2. Choose the DOWNLOAD option at the top middle of iMusic interface.

Step 3. Go to the music sharing site, such as YouTube. Find the music you need, and copy the URL in the address bar.

Step 4. Paste the URL into iMusic, and choose MP3 as an output. Then click the Download button to start downloading music from the Internet.