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New Features Introduced in macOS High Sierra.

Sep 27, 2017. Mar 23, 2019.

Every operating system update is all about making the system more efficient, professional, and robust, and that's the main focus of macOS High Sierra. Apple has fixed some bugs, improved deep technical things, and made it more helpful for the latest OS update users. Let’s know about its new features.

  1. Robust File System

Apple has included the latest and faster file system in High Sierra. The old MacOS was using slower technologies, but when we upgrade our system to the previous version to High Sierra, its internal functionality gets changed. The HFS+ system it converted to AFPS (Apple File System) automatically, and the system starts using flash-based storage. AFPS is very secure, reliable, safe, and optimized for modern storage technologies such as SSD (Solid State Drive). It has features like save document saves, crash protection, native encryption, and stable snapshots.

SierraHigh sierra dmg download windows
  1. Betterment of Photos App

Photos app is the primary thing that mostly focused on macOS High Sierra. Many features are added in these OS versions, such as facial recognition, memories, editing, and many other functions. Now you can filter photos by media type, keyword, and date as well. There is a side-view that's always on in Photos.

There are great tools for editing your photos, including curves, color, contrast, and many professional filters that will help use the Photos app. It will be more easily detect who's in your photo with the latest facial detection, and you can sync your photos easily with multiple devices at the same time.

Mac Os High Sierra App Store Download

  1. Faster Web Browser

Apple has updated and optimized its default web browser that is known as Safari. It loads 80% faster JavaScript when it comes to comparing with Google Chrome.

  1. Optimized Quality Videos

macOS High Sierra provides a better experience of watching videos by enabling and enhancing its support for 4K videos. The videos will smoother, and its good news for people related to the video editing industry is that their videos will work smoothly on Mac High Sierra.


How to install macOS High Sierra on your Mac?

Apple has included amazing features in macOS High Sierra. If you want to experience these features, you will have to install macOS High Sierra. All these features are OS is freely available. One important thing you should always remember is to take a backup of your Mac on an external storage device or cloud.

Mac Models that can get upgraded to macOS High Sierra

Always make sure that your Mac models can support the OS that you are going to install. If you upgrade your system to macOS High Sierra, there is the list of MacBooks or iMacs that can support High Sierra.

  • MacBook: Late 2009 or newer
  • Mac Pro: Mid 2010 or latest
  • Mac mini: Mid 2010 or latest
  • iMac: Late 2009 or latest
  • MacBook Pro: Mid 2010 or newer
  • MacBook Air: Late 2010 or latest

Hi there,

years ago, I chose not to update (Yosemite?) by option-click on the download link in the App Store, then choosing to hide that update.

Mac Os High Sierra App Store Update Not Working

But App Store continued to also hide Sierra and High Sierra.

Now, I take that I just should select “Show All Software Updates” in the 'Store' section of App Store - but that line is not there ...

Any idea to reset this? I tried already the trick to get to the Debug menue and removing the Cache and resetting - did not help. Even some more elaborate things (deleting Cache folders and entries in /var/... like here: on-mac-osx-el-capitan).

Nothing helped.


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